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Creating an Accurate Transcript

Court reporters have the ability to type around 200 words a minute, allowing them to record what was said exactly as it is said during a legal proceedings. Despite this incredible feat, reporters are still limited by their human senses. There are a few things you can do to ensure your court reporter produces the most accurate transcript possible– benefiting the both of you.

Provide a List of Keywords/Phrases

Court reporters use a machine called a stenograph, which allows them to record what is said phonetically, leading to faster typing. This often leads to incorrect spelling in the initial draft. If you are aware of words or phrases that could post spelling errors, provide your reporter a list of key words, phrases, and names so that when they refine their transcript, they get it right the first time. This saves not only your reporter time, but you as well.

Clearly Enunciate

If your court reporter has difficulty understanding what was said, they will not be able to accurately notate what was said for the record. Make sure your court reporter can hear what you, your witness, and the opposing counsel says by not mumbling, speaking over another person, or speaking too quickly. This makes it so the court reporter does not have to interrupt the flow of legal discourse to ask for clarification.

Use Complete Words, Not Inarticulate Sounds

Colloquialisms such as “uh-huh” and “uh-uh” to mean “yes” and “no” are common in everyday speech. Though easily understood by most people, they are not ideal for court reporters, as stenographs do not have keys to accurate represent these sounds. If anyone uses one of these implied sounds (or any other), please ask for clarification so everything can be recorded properly.





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Certified Court Reporting

Certified Court Reporters with advanced national certifications, recognition for realtime, speed and other tested qualifications. NV CCR #312; Firm #088F

Video Depositions

Certified Legal Videographers working beside certified reporters to provide trial-ready HD video synchronized with the transcript text.

Streaming Depositions

Testimony streamed “realtime” with 99%+ accuracy to individual iPads provided for appearing counsel in the deposition or trial. Video and text may also be streamed remotely.


Video conferencing in conference rooms and mobile locations worldwide including Zoom, LiveLitigation, etc. 

Conference Rooms

We utilize our offices and affordable, high-tech conference rooms around the world. Our conference rooms offer state-of-the art amenities and concierge services. 

Document Management & Exhibits

Envision will maintain Master-Exhibit Binders for maximum exhibit consistency from “file-to-trial” including preparation of digital and paper trial binders. 

Discovery Services

From exhibit retrieval for archival and E-Discovery for Review on leading cloud platforms to online repositories, Discovery is part of our vision. 

Trial Presentation

In-Courtroom tech-support and trial exhibit preparation and presentation. Support for iPro Trial Director 360® and Lexis-Nexis Sanction® software. 



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