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When an attorney schedules a litigation support service, they need the best of the best service in the business. Never settle for less than that. Learn what you should expect from a quality Las Vegas court reporting firm like Envision Legal.

Skilled Court Reporters

We gladly offer both traditional and realtime and traditional court reporting professionals. No matter which type of reporter you book, you can always expect the highest speeds and accuracy. Your transcript will get back to you exactly when you need it in the format of your choice.

Scheduling Resources

You can schedule with us in a variety of ways. You could give us a call to confirm your services or send a request over email, but if you need to make a request at an odd hour, you can do so on our mobile-friendly scheduling form. As long as you have internet connection, you can get in contact with our staff.

Full Service Litigation Support

Attorneys shouldn’t have to bounce from firm to firm to fulfill each and every one of their legal needs. They need the same level of expertise and care with every litigation support service they book. On top of skilled court reporters, we offer legal videographers, trial support, and so much more. 

Professional and Comfortable Conference Spaces

If you require a space to host your upcoming deposition or meeting, you need one that not only looks professional, but will comfortably hold you for the upcoming meetings. Our conference spaces are clean and packed with the best technology in the business, so you never have to worry about amenities. 

A National Network of Court Reporters

If you have to work outside the Las Vegas area but still want Envision Legal-quality reporters, you’re in luck. As a partner with the NNRC, we have connections to quality firms across the nation and world.





Depositions| Discovery | Decisions


Certified Court Reporting

Certified Court Reporters with advanced national certifications, recognition for realtime, speed and other tested qualifications. NV CCR #312; Firm #088F

Video Depositions

Certified Legal Videographers working beside certified reporters to provide trial-ready HD video synchronized with the transcript text.

Streaming Depositions

Testimony streamed “realtime” with 99%+ accuracy to individual iPads provided for appearing counsel in the deposition or trial. Video and text may also be streamed remotely.


Video conferencing in conference rooms and mobile locations worldwide including Zoom, LiveLitigation, etc. 

Conference Rooms

We utilize our offices and affordable, high-tech conference rooms around the world. Our conference rooms offer state-of-the art amenities and concierge services. 

Document Management & Exhibits

Envision will maintain Master-Exhibit Binders for maximum exhibit consistency from “file-to-trial” including preparation of digital and paper trial binders. 

Discovery Services

From exhibit retrieval for archival and E-Discovery for Review on leading cloud platforms to online repositories, Discovery is part of our vision. 

Trial Presentation

In-Courtroom tech-support and trial exhibit preparation and presentation. Support for iPro Trial Director 360® and Lexis-Nexis Sanction® software. 



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