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All of Your Litigation Support Services in One Location

At Envision, we understand that an attorney doesn’t want to waste time hopping between litigation support firms to fill out each and every one of their legal needs. We proudly offer a range of services through the Las Vegas staff you can trust.

Certified Court Reporting

Certified Court Reporters with advanced national certifications, as well as recognition for realtime, speed, and other tested qualifications. No video-only recordings.

Video Depositions

Certified Legal Videographers working beside certified reporters to provide HD, broadcast-quality video synchronized with the transcript text.

Streaming Real-Time Depositions

Testimony streamed “realtime” with 99%+ accuracy to individual iPads (provided for appearing counsel in the deposition or trial). Video and text may also be streamed through the cloud to remote device.

Real-TimeTrials “Take us to Court”

When the same realtime technology you rely upon in depositions is needed in the courtroom, please “Take Us to Court” for realtime streamed to courtroom iPads and remote viewers.

e-Discovery/Document Review

Hosted discovery on leading review platforms with managed review by a JurisClerk’s team of multiple-degreed specialty attorneys (phD’s, MBA’s etc.)

Host a Remote Deposition

Keep everyone safe and healthy at home by scheduling your next remote deposition with Envision Legal.





Conference Rooms

We utilize our offices and affordable, high-tech conference rooms around the world. Our conference rooms offer state-of-the art amenities and concierge services. 

Document Management & Exhibits

Envision will maintain Master-Exhibit Binders for maximum exhibit consistency from “file-to-trial” including preparation of digital and paper trial binders. 

Discovery Services

From exhibit retrieval for archival and E-Discovery for Review on leading cloud platforms to online repositories, Discovery is part of our vision. 

Trial Presentation

In-Courtroom tech-support and trial exhibit preparation and presentation. Support for iPro Trial Director 360® and Lexis-Nexis Sanction® software. 

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