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Get the Most Accurate Transcript by Helping Your Court Reporter

Accurate transcripts make all the difference in the world of law. Court reporters go through extensive training so they can produce highly accurate transcripts as quickly as possible, but there is one thing to remember– they are human. Sometimes issues may arise that lead to problems in a transcript. Help limit these problems by putting these three tips into practice every time you work with a court reporter.


1. Provide Your Court Reporter a List of Keywords/Phrases

The keyboards on stenographs are set up phonetically, allowing court reporters to write words based on sound far more quickly than typing them out in “regular English.” However, if a court reporter doesn’t recognize a name, word, or phrase, this can lead to errors in the initial draft. Save your court reporter (and ultimately, yourself) the time spent correcting mistakes by providing them a list of words or phrases that could cause problems in the initial draft before the legal proceedings.

2. Don’t Use Inarticulate Sounds in Place of Words

While we use inarticulate sounds like “uh-huh” and “uh-uh” in place of words like “yes” or “no” every day, they cannot be recorded in a transcript. The stenograph does not have a shorthand for these type of noises, so instruct your witnesses and anyone who may come to the stand to avoid using them. If anyone does use these sounds, please ask for clarification of their meaning so everything can be accurately recorded.

3. Clearly Enunciate

You should always speak clearly when giving a testimony, but there are a few more things to remember. Do not speak too quickly, speak over another person, or mumble. All of these can make it difficult for a court reporter to write exactly what was said, so advise your witnesses and your team to enunciate as clearly as possible. 

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Certified Court Reporting

Certified Court Reporters with advanced national certifications, recognition for realtime, speed and other tested qualifications. NV CCR #312; Firm #088F

Video Depositions

Certified Legal Videographers working beside certified reporters to provide trial-ready HD video synchronized with the transcript text.

Streaming Depositions

Testimony streamed “realtime” with 99%+ accuracy to individual iPads provided for appearing counsel in the deposition or trial. Video and text may also be streamed remotely.


Video conferencing in conference rooms and mobile locations worldwide including Zoom, LiveLitigation, etc. 

Conference Rooms

We utilize our offices and affordable, high-tech conference rooms around the world. Our conference rooms offer state-of-the art amenities and concierge services. 

Document Management & Exhibits

Envision will maintain Master-Exhibit Binders for maximum exhibit consistency from “file-to-trial” including preparation of digital and paper trial binders. 

Discovery Services

From exhibit retrieval for archival and E-Discovery for Review on leading cloud platforms to online repositories, Discovery is part of our vision. 

Trial Presentation

In-Courtroom tech-support and trial exhibit preparation and presentation. Support for iPro Trial Director 360® and Lexis-Nexis Sanction® software. 



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