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Dear Clients & Friends:

Due to concerns regarding the escalation of the Coronavirus (COVID-19), Envision Legal Solutions is dedicated to maintaining coverage of all your depositions, hearings and trials. The health and safety of our clients is extremely important to us.  Envision is prepared to work remotely as necessary and provide high-quality remote deposition solutions. We are prepared to continue normal operations and also respond to your emerging concerns and requirements. We understand that travel restrictions may also impact deposition plans.

In the event that this should happen, please keep in mind that by utilizing Envision Live Streaming, this would allow everyone involved in the deposition to participate simply by using their webcam-equipped computers or mobile devices with an internet connection from your office or home office.   You can see and hear the deponent and all other participants live without actually being in the same room.    Envision can provide a webcam-equipped computer for use if you do not have one available to you.   This encrypted system allows you to see and hear the deponent via live streaming video and you can also share exhibits or other documents.

Envision Court Reporters are also able to stream Realtime live text feeds to remote participants, in addition to the audio/video feed. Along with Realtime feeds, Rough Transcripts, expedited Final Transcripts, video Transcripts and other tools are still available under these changing circumstances.

Thank you for your continued business and trust during this time of global health crisis!

Ken & Monice Campbell
(702) 805-4800

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Certified Court Reporting

Certified Court Reporters with advanced national certifications, recognition for realtime, speed and other tested qualifications. NV CCR #312; Firm #088F

Video Depositions

Certified Legal Videographers working beside certified reporters to provide trial-ready HD video synchronized with the transcript text.

Streaming Depositions

Testimony streamed “realtime” with 99%+ accuracy to individual iPads provided for appearing counsel in the deposition or trial. Video and text may also be streamed remotely.


Video conferencing in conference rooms and mobile locations worldwide including Zoom, LiveLitigation, etc.

Conference Rooms

We utilize our offices and affordable, high-tech conference rooms around the world. Our conference rooms offer state-of-the art amenities and concierge services.

Document Management & Exhibits

Envision will maintain Master-Exhibit Binders for maximum exhibit consistency from “file-to-trial” including preparation of digital and paper trial binders.

Discovery Services

From exhibit retrieval for archival and E-Discovery for Review on leading cloud platforms to online repositories, Discovery is part of our vision.

Trial Presentation

In-Courtroom tech-support and trial exhibit preparation and presentation. Support for iPro Trial Director 360® and Lexis-Nexis Sanction® software.

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