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Subpoenas are a quintessential aspect to the world of law, yet many people don’t have a complete understanding of what they are. In just a few words, subpoenas are legal documents that call upon a person (or business) to testify as a witness at a specific time and location. Subpoenas are crucial to gather an entire profile of facts and testimonies in regards to a case.

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There are three different types of subpoenas that serve similar purposes, but are used to different things. For instance, a witness subpoena requires a person to appear in court to testify, while a subpoena duces tecum is for the production of evidence or documents. A deposition subpoena can be either of the above, just for a deposition.

To make what a subpoena is (or isn’t) even clearer, we happily provide readers a page to read titled “what is a subpoena?” On this page, readers can learn about the above information, as well as what a service of process is and what the penalties of not complying to a subpoena are.

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