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Credit: Lorona Mead

Having a successful deposition isn’t rocket science, but there are many moving parts. Attorneys have to be fully prepared and ready to engage. Their witnesses have to know their testimony front to back in order to it to be fool-proof. Each member of an attorney’s legal team has to be confident with the case materials so they can actually provide assistance that makes a difference.

There are things an attorney can do to not only make the job easier for themselves, but for everyone involved in the deposition process. Take a look at the four easy to follow tips below that will truly make a difference in your upcoming deposition.

  • Plan ahead: Book your meeting space and equipment as early as possible so that you have everything you need to avoid delays that may increase costs and ruin your case’s momentum.
  • Speak clearly: Make sure your witnesses speak clearly, confidently, and avoid unnecessary, indistinguishable sounds in place of answers. This will help ensure that your court reporter produces the most accurate transcript as possible.
  • Provide a list of key words/phrases: Provide your team a list of important words and phrases that cause cause grammatical/spelling errors to eliminate wasted time in editing and questions.
  • Dress appropriately: Avoid attire that is ill-fitting and too casual. Dress in professional suits, slacks, or dresses that detract attention from the case at hand.

For more in-depth information about how these tips can help the outcome of your deposition, visit our page on ensuring a quality deposition, and book a service with the best court reporters in Las Vegas today.